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Heal Everywhere

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Welcome to our Site!

Our Motto at Mafa Holistic is #Heal Everywhere and in keeping with that we offer boutique style services to cater to all levels of existence; body, mind and spirit/emotions.  We also believe that services should be professional, timely, courteous and AFFORDABLE!   Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you!

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Reiki and Tantra are used as affordable modalities to assist you in your journey to wellness and health maintenance. 

We are also a conscious business with a heart.  Therefore ten percent (10%) of all services go exclusively to helping Cameroonian children attend school!

*Heal Everywhere*

Tantra Sessions

Tantra is the ancient, energic/polarity balancing system that assists in expediting the body's ability to relax and heal at all levels.  Different from Reiki in that it heightens your energetic levels that you may experience a higher level of sexual bliss. Sessions are for men only.  However, Tier I Certification Classes are open to all.

ONLY $125 p/session

Classes: $420 p/singles; $720 p/couple

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Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

Using this 5,000 year old treatment system, our licensed, professional Acupuncturist is here to provide care to every level of your being; body, mind and spirit.  Whether it's pain, DRUG addictions, smoking cessation, stress, allergies, insomnia, you name it,  Acupuncture can assist you. 

New Patient 

*Uninsured/Uncovered? We Have a Sliding Fee Scale

*Intake/Physical/Meridian Exam ONLY $350

*Follow-ups ONLY $200

*Ask About Cash Payment Discounts!

*Drug Detox/Weightloss ONLY $20

*Membership ONLY $100 P/Month

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Reiki is an ancient healing modality that balances the body's natural energy field (chakras) and promotes deep relaxation so the body can expedite its natural healing abilities. Minimum, non-invasive touch means you can keep your clothes on! 

ONLY $60 p/session

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Cupping is an ancient healing modality that uses gentle suction to relieve the body of tension, strain, pain, stress, latent dis-ease and promotes deep relaxation and release of toxins.! 

ONLY $60 p/session

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